I got damn bored. all blogs seem to have nothing else to talk about but the bukit antarabangsa thingy. Well, includin my blog now.

To haziq, i am so sorry to hear about wut's happening there and i was quite shocked to know that u are one of them. It is somehow too far from my place and i couldnt feel what the victims are feeling. Maybe because i've never been in such situation and it's hard to put myself in their shoes but people, do believe dat u'll be able to get thru this. If Allah brings u to it, He'll bring u thru it, dat's for sure.

People of Bukit Antarabangsa,
i believe dat there must sumthing that God wants us to think deeply about. Things dont take place for nothing. I am not in your place so of course, to walk the talk is not dat easy but definiteley someone need to do the talking rite?

Whatever the reasons are, whatever the factors are, the landslides have already occured. What on earth can u do to stop it? It's non of your capabilities. And when this happen, human are accustomed to the tradition of 'pointing fingers to someone else'.

Years ago when tsunami occured at my place, the same thing happen. People started to exchange harsh words with the badan berkuasa because they should have thought about the safety of the community there, some machine dat can detect such tragedy should be built and placed there but again, knock!knock! the tragedy did not tell when it happened. It's just there...

i am not at any side. I am a bored girl dat plan to shut down my laptop soon after i finish dis post.



Anonymous December 13, 2008 at 8:46 AM  

i agree wiv u..

lets juz assume dat da tragedy s a wake up call from da nature n God..

to make humans realize how small we r..


p/s: m bored too wiv all people complaining in da news..

PhiLo December 16, 2008 at 5:50 AM  

Imagine if you're in their shoes...

Losing your shelter..

Losing your loved ones..

And of course, the looting..

Where else can they go if not the media?

Isn't it what the media is for?

A channel to air the people's concerns?

And again what's with the medieval mindset of some websites that puts the blame for the landslide on the residents of bukit antarabangsa for 'sinning too much'? I know a lot of other places with even more sins...

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